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Commercial Heat Sealers

Refurbished heat sealers can solve many of your business’ food storage issues. The heat sealer provides more ways to effectively and efficiently package food items for maximum shelf life. A quality heat sealer will contain food items in a plastic seal that is air and water proof. You can keep your stock fresh for longer while protecting against bacteria and mold growth. Food stays fresh and you spend less on wasted product. The key is finding a commercial heat sealer that fits comfortably into your company’s budget.

We offer a line of high performance refurbished heat sealers that can meet and exceed your needs. New models may be attractive, but are you paying a lot more than you should for the same function and features? Many food service businesses are searching for ways to keep money in their budget. Our refurbished units can help you do just that. You get a reliable appliance that functions just like a new heat sealer at a lower cost. Used models are also an option, but most do not come with a warranty like ours do. Make your food service operation more efficient by providing a quick storage solution that doesn’t require bulky containers. Our refurbished heat sealers will keep your stock fresh and ready to serve!

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