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Commercial cooking equipment is a necessity in almost every area of the food service industry. If your staff members use rotisseries, convection ovens, ranges or any other food heating appliances, then you know the value of this type of equipment. Your menu will grow to mouthwatering proportions when you add the diverse cooking potential offered by commercial cooking equipment. These items can help you increase profits significantly, but come at a cost if you are only interested a high quality kitchen appliance. Quality is vital if you want to get culinary perfection out of your commercial kitchen equipment.

Refurbished cooking appliances are one of the most economical and reliable alternatives available. Save a significant amount of money on your initial purchase without risking it all on a used product that may turn out to be a dud. Most used appliance sellers do not offer a guarantee with their products. We can give you the peace of mind of a warranty along with the wallet-friendly cost of a used appliance. All of our commercial cooking equipment has been thoroughly inspected, serviced and sanitized so it is ready for set up in your professional kitchen. Saving money in today’s ever-changing economy is important to every business owner. We can show you high quality commercial cooking equipment that won’t intimidate your company’s budget.

Type: Convection Oven
Condition: Refurbished
Model: Mark V
Price: $1,899.00