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Refurbished dishwashers can help you grow your business without sacrificing a large portion of your operations budget. The dishwasher is one of the most important parts of any food service business. If you want to make customers happy, offer a high quality product and stay in line with sanitation standards, then you need a high performance dishwasher to clean all silverware, serving dishes, glasses and other dining necessities. Even small restaurants and stores need a reliable way to keep their serving plates and utensils sanitized.

A new commercial dishwasher can be very costly. Small food service business owners may need to expand their dishwashing capabilities, but lack the funds to purchase a brand new unit. Others may be starting out on a budget that leaves little breathing room. A refurbished dishwasher is the best solution in both cases. Refurbished kitchen appliances offer more flexibility in terms of cost. Our units are carefully cleaned, serviced and inspected so you receive a product that meets the highest performance standards. We go the extra mile and include a warranty with each refurbished dishwasher. Most used sellers do not offer any purchase protection, so you are left out in the cold if your unit stops working. Explore our many refurbished dishwasher models to find a product that will fit perfectly in your commercial kitchen.

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