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Refurbished ice machines can offer your business a better value for the price you’ll pay to keep food and beverages cool. The ice machine is a vital component to any food service operation. Customers expect chilled beverages with clean, clear ice to make their dining or drinking experience more pleasurable. A refurbished ice machine allows you to offer the best experience possible without spending a small fortune on a brand new unit. Refurbished equipment costs less than a new appliance and comes sanitized, serviced and backed by a reliable warranty.

Most used equipment isn’t protected after the purchase, so you take a risk even if the price is attractive. A bargain ice machine might not last as long as it should and may encounter more costs in maintenance and part replacement than it is worth. Nothing is more frustrating for your staff and your profits than a broken ice machine on a busy day. Whether you own and operate a restaurant, snack bar, convenience store or other food service business, the ice machine should be a priority on your kitchen equipment list. Refurbished ice machines can help you save funds in your business budget while offering a solution that keeps your operation running and your customers happy.

Production: 65 lbs/day
Ice: Cube
Condition: Certified Used
Model: MIM50
Price: $799.00
Production: 460 lbs/day
Ice: Cube
Condition: Certified Used
Model: MIM452MIM452 MIB400
Price: $2,299.00