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Ice Cream Machines

Refurbished ice cream machines are a boon for food service businesses who want to serve customers the freshest, most delectable desserts possible. Purchasing quantities of ice cream is one option, but it is one that requires plenty of freezer space and less versatility. A commercial ice cream maker can give your restaurant or shop more ways to bring in new customers. Create your own ice cream flavors so every customer enjoys a one-of-a-kind experience each time they stop by for a bowl, cone or sundae. Whether it’s a seasonal product or an all year offering, your freshly churned ice cream will be a big hit!

Our refurbished ice cream machines can make it happen at a budget-friendly price. Brand new units may offer many features, but they come at a significantly higher cost. As a business owner, you have to be very careful about where you put your company’s funds. We suggest spending wisely by exploring refurbished equipment. Our refurbished units are thoroughly inspected, serviced, sanitized and covered by a warranty. Used units may be available for less, but you will not get the satisfaction of protection after the purchase. Refurbished units come with all the bells and whistles, but without the lofty price tag. Browse our collection of refurbished ice cream machines to find the perfect way to entice your customer’s sweet tooth!

Flavors: Single
Feed: Gravity
Condenser: Air Cooled
Condition: Certified Used
Model: 358-33
Price: $3,999.00
Flavors: Twist
Feed: Gravity
Condenser: Water Cooled
Condition: Certified Used
Model: 794-33
Price: $5,999.00