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Refurbished fryers can expand your menu without depleting your monthly or yearly operations budget. The fryer is an appealing piece of kitchen equipment because it gives business owners a number of ways to grow their menu offerings. Fryers can be found in many areas of the food service industry, from small diners to concession stands and franchise restaurants. Adding a fryer can help diversify your kitchen, but what will it do to your company’s bank account? Even one new commercial fryer can take a sizable bite out of your company’s profits.

With many businesses feeling the financial strain of economic changes, some choose to go with a used unit. Used models may cost less, but you are risking your heard earned funds on equipment that may fail soon after purchase. You will have to pick up the tab for any parts or labor needed to get the fryer up and running again. Our refurbished fryers come packaged with a reliable warranty. You can still save money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you aren’t stuck with the bill if something goes wrong. Our goal is to help you find a high quality refurbished fryer that meets your operational needs and budget.

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