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Refurbished commercial refrigeration may be the biggest asset you have in your arsenal when outfitting a new food service business with all the necessities. Refrigeration is not something most restaurants, diners, convenience stores and other businesses can compromise on. If you are serving meats, poultry, desserts, produce, beverages or many other edibles, then you need to keep them fresh. Freezers, upright refrigerators, blast freezers and cold food display tables provide a sanitary environment at ideal temperatures for food storage and preparation.

Refrigerated appliances can get pricy, but there is a way to compromise. Refurbished commercial refrigeration equipment costs less than brand new units and gives you the same reliable cooling and attractive features.

Our units are thoroughly sanitized and serviced to ensure that each appliance meets a high performance and reliability standard. Unlike most used products, we include a warranty with our refurbished kitchen equipment. You can spend less and still get an appliance that can handle the trials of a busy food service kitchen. We offer a variety of refurbished commercial refrigeration units so you can find a model that suits your size, temperature and feature requirements. Before handing over your hard earned profits for a new unit or taking a risk on a used model, see what our refurbished commercial refrigerators and freezers can do for your food service business.


Capacity: 74 cu.ft.
Type: Reach-in Freezer
Condition: Certified Used
Model: rif232lut-fhs
Price: $4,999.00